Dual Language Programs

Benefits of Dual Language Instruction

Second Language Skills

DLI students achieve higher proficiency in the second language than with traditional Foreign Language instruction.

Cognitive Skills

DLI students typically develop greater cognitive flexibility, demonstrating increased attention and memory, superior problem-solving skills as well as an enhanced understanding of their primary language.

Performance on Standardized Tests

DLI students perform as well as or better than English-only students on standardized tests in English, including students from a range of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, as well as with diverse cognitive and linguistic abilities.

Intercultural Competency

DLI students are more aware of and generally show more positive attitudes towards other cultures and an appreciation of other people.

Long-Term Benefits

DLI students are better prepared for the global community and job markets in the 21st century.

Higher Attendance-Rates and Fewer Drop-Outs

Students from DLI programs have higher attendance rates and lower drop-out rates compared to regular programs.

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