Mr. Perkins

Sheridan Arts Magnet physical education offers life long fitness activities in our physical education classes.  Roller skating, volleyball, and jumping rope are 3 examples.  Students are given opportunities to improve their individual physical fitness skills each week.  Students work with partners and are involved with team activities as well as individual activities. Individual skills include jump rope skills, basketball skills and eye/hand coordination activities. Students are able to assess their own skills. This is part of their grade that each student earns.  Students learn to be accountable for their actions in class and take ownership of our physical education classes.  We include in our physical education classes students who have an array of disabilities.  We offer physical education services daily for our DCD classes.   All students are encouraged to do their best.  Trying every activity presented is encouraged.  We strive to have fun and be safe in our gym.  We follow the Minnesota State Physical Education standards along with the Minneapolis Physical Education Standards.