Mr. Naegeli
Mr. Naegeli standing and smiling in a "Missoula Marathon" shirt


Google voice: 612-615-9029


Hello everyone!  I am Mr. Jacob Naegeli, a visual arts teacher at Sheridan Arts Spanish Dual Immersion.  This is currently my third year at Sheridan and my seventh year as visual arts teacher.  Other cities I have taught in include a small town near Wheeling, West Virginia, and Portland, Oregon before making it to the twin cities.  Each year I look forward to seeing what students can create and it never ceases to amaze me.   


I grew up in the northwest corner of Montana on a large cattle ranch with four siblings.  It is always a beautiful place to return to when possible, but the rest of the year I enjoy all of the events, biking paths, state parks, and great weather Minnesota has to offer.  If I am not able to be reached in the art room, you will most likely see me running on one of the many routes that Minneapolis has to offer.