My Story

Hi!  I'm Ruth Ann Martin, Your Learner's First Grade Teacher!


  Education has evolved a great deal since I became a teacher in 1985, but one thing hasn't changed a bit: my desire to be the best teacher I can be for your learner. I believe that you and I, working together in the best interest of your child, will allow your child to reach and exceed their greatest potential.

 Here are a few things about myself, to help you get to know me...

-I am 100% invested in the future...YOUR CHILD could grow up to be the very doctor that saves my life!

-I believe in the potential of everyone, embrace every personal story that makes people who they are, and will celebrate the day when people will treat everyone the way they want to be treated.

-I am a book artist...I love making paper and creating one of a kind books. 

-When life brings me challenges, I face them head on, never give up, learn from my mistakes, and vow to make every day better than the last.

-I love books over movies, chocolate, dogs and being outside.  I make a mean chicken soup, I collect rocks, and I'm learning to make bread.  

  I welcome the insights you share with me about your learner, because they help me to understand and meet their needs head on. I want to be the teacher that inspires, encourages and coaches your learner to their next level of amazing. I recognize that you have the most important job in the whole world, parenting, and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's education.  I am always available to you.



Ruth Ann Martin