My Story
Ms. Alison Kaylor
My name Is Alison Kaylor.
I have been teaching elementary age students since 2006. Before that I was an infant-preschool age child care
provider. In addition to teaching super littles, I was a Drivers Education Behind the Wheel Instructor.
I am so happy to be a 4th grade teacher at Sheridan. 4th grade learning topics are the absolute BEST and I am  looking forward to our learning  adventures together. I'm excited to learn about all the fun things YOU like to do when you are with your friends and family.
  • I love to travel and go on adventures with my family
  • My dog's name is Justin. He's a real nice guy!
  • My husban and I enjoy skiing and snowboarding
  • Snorking is my FAVORITE activity
  • My husban is a high school biology teacher
  • I like hiking and climbing with the family