Alyssa Prosser
Ms. Alyssa Prosser



I’m Alyssa Prosser, the new 4th & 5th grade classroom teacher at Sheridan! I am so excited to be working here this year, as it has always been my desire to teach this grade level! I come from Kindergarten, which I truly love as well!! I am a book lover, introvert, artist, guitar player, calligrapher, tech-savvy, Friends-loving, traveler from Duluth, MN. I came this way when my husband, Ethan and I got married in 2016. I have been teaching for 3 years and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! My favorite place to be is up north at Bluefin Resorts, which is where this picture was taken! It’s our home away from home. I love fried rice, mashed potatoes, kombucha, airheads, and Taco Bell! I enjoy biking, taking walks, visiting new places, and going to movies! I am excited to have a great year and really already feel so thankful for everyone’s kindness! 💜💜💜