Ms. Katy Schalla Lesiak

Hi! I’m a pediatric nurse practitioner, and previously worked at Children’s Clinic in Minneapolis, and at the Minnesota Department of Health. I have a special interest in child development and mental health, and came to school nursing because it seems like such an opportunity for true pediatric public health.

My core values for work include:

  • Health is not just about “medical” needs. Health is a positive attribute that weaves together our emotions, thinking, bodies, and relationships. So when I work in the health office, I’ll be holding those things together as I work with kids and families.
  • I recognize school services as critical to families (access to high quality public education, individualized services, and other supports). Because of my experience, part of what I can bring is support and connection to other “outside” supports - like clinics, public health, county services, and community agencies; I see cultural and faith supports as critical too.
  • Equity is an important value that I share. I view equity as a constant process of becoming more aware of the ways that unintentional barriers or unfair systems affect child health and family well-being, and seeing how we can address those proactively, particularly by listening to and believing what families say.
  • I am learning! I know a lot about child health, but there is so much that I don’t know – about how schools work, what you do, and how I can best support you. Please teach me.

A little more about me personally: I like to run, read, write, doodle, bike, laugh, get out by the river or creek, and be with people. I’m “clinically proficient” in Spanish – meaning I can do my work well in Spanish, but if you want to sit around and tell stories, you might have to be patient with me. About my family: I’m joining my husband (Thaddeus) as a MPS employee; our child Sage is a 7th grader at Anwatin. We live in Minneapolis. So we are more than a little invested in MPS!

I look forward to getting to know you all! A special thank you to Ginger for being a knowledgeable, caring, and efficient partner in this work!


Katy Schalla Lesiak

AKA Katy or Schalla, to staff