Ms. Annika Fjelstad
2nd grade Bonsai display at MN State Fair

Last year Sheridan second graders planted and tended Bonsai trees. Their Bonsai presentation was displayed at the Minnesota State Fair where thousands of people saw their work.

Much to my surprise, they won a second place award. 
The judge looked at the health of the trees, the artistic presentation, and the technique used. Needless to say, it was a rigorous assessment.
This was not a mercy award given just because they were kids. The names of all the artists were turned upside down so the judge did not know who created the display. They earned this!
Bonsai is an art that combines science and art.
The students learned about soil composition, tree physiology, and the needs of living things, and more. They also had to make decisions on how to make their presentation aesthetically pleasing.