When will registration be held?  This date has not been determined since we are currently closed due to COVID-19.  We hope to be able to do a robo-call once we have the date set. Information will also be available on our website.

What about registration forms?  The registrations will soon be mail to families and a link will be add it here to complete the registration online.

If you are looking for a school in the Minneapolis Public School District access

We aren't able to have the physical form completed by our doctor's office before the first day of school or are not able to make an appointment for our child's 5 year physical.  What should we do?  Typically, we ask that the physical form be turned in before your student starts school in September. Due to circumstances caused by COVID-19, we will be more lenient this year if you are not able to get everything completed right on time.

I have regristration related questions. Who should I contact? Feel free to contact Patricia Gonzalez, School Secretary, at

I have a health related questions.  Who should I contact?  Feel free to contact Katy Schalla Lesiak, School Nurse, at

I am new to Sheridan and have questions.  Who should I contact?  Feel free to contact Leonardo Torrens, Family Liaison, at


¿Cuándo se llevará a cabo el registro? Esta fecha no se ha determinado ya que actualmente estamos cerrados debido a COVID-19. Esperamos poder hacer una llamada automática una vez que tengamos la fecha establecida. La información también estará disponible en nuestro sitio web.

Si está buscando una escuela para colocar a su estudiante en el acceso del Distrito de Escuelas Públicas de Minneapolis

¿Qué pasa con los formularios de inscripción? Para obtener los formularios de registro, comuníquese con la oficina principal de Sheridan para obtener ayuda. 612-668-1130.

No podemos tener el consultorio médico completo antes del primer día de clases o no podemos hacer una cita para el examen físico de nuestro hijo de 5 años. ¿Qué debemos hacer? Usualmente, le solicitamos a las familias que entregue la formulario medio en la oficina de la escuela antes de que su estudiante comience la escuela en septiembre. Debido a las circunstancias causadas por COVID-19, seremos mas flexibles si este año no puede completarlo todo a tiempo.

Tengo preguntas relacionadas a la salud. ¿Con quién me debo comunicar? No dude en comunicarse con la Sra. Patricia Gonzalez, secretaria de la escuela al:

Tengo preguntas relacionadas a la salud. ¿Con quién me debo comunicar? No dude en comunicarse con Katy Schalla Lesiak, enfermera de la escuela:

Soy nuevo en la escuela y tengo preguntas. ¿Con quién me debo comunicar? No dude en comunicarse con Leonardo Torrens, enlace de familias al:



Uniform policy / PĆ³liza de uniformes

There are many reasons behind our uniform policy:

  • Putting the focus on academics rather than fashion.
  • Lower the cost of school clothes.
  • Helping students differentiate between learning and play environments.
  • Instilling a sense of school pride and discipline.
  • Promoting equity amongst the student body.

What is the uniform policy?

Uniform Policy   Póliza de Uniforme

Students who come to school in non-uniform clothes will need to be sent to the uniform room directly after breakfast - before checkig into their classroom.  This room will be staffed from 7:30-8:00 in the mornig.  Students will be then sent to class with a pass.  At the end of the day students should be given a pass at 1:40 to return to the uiform room to change.  They will return to class with a pass.

Hoods and hats must be taken off upon entering the building.