Welcome to the 2015-2016 School year!

Third Grade Math -Ms. Land

My name is Ms. Land and I will be your child's Homeroom and Math teacher.  This is my 7th year teaching at Sheridan and 19th year teaching in Minneapolis.  I have taught Second, third, fourth and fifth grade along with 12 years teaching Middle school So. Studies, ESL and Math. Your child will have Ms. Johnson for their reading block. Ms. Johnson and I have been co-teaching for 5 years together!  

Homework policy

*** Your child will bring home a dailyhomework folder and agenda slip that will give you their homework responsibilities. On the back is where your child will write a summary of what they read that night.

*** Homework will be sent home daily, your child is responsible to read 20 minutes/ fill out summary sheet each day and work on weekly spelling words other homework will be given for Language arts that supports reading strategies/skills that allows child to master Minnesota State Language Arts/ Reading Standards.

*** Math homework will be given daily to support current math skills and review questions to maintain their learning. Math homework should be done independently, all homework is work that has been taught to the students.

*** If your child completes all homework for the week we will have free time Friday at the end of day. Whatever your child has not completed they will complete it then. 


Contact Information:

Email: tracy.land@mpls.k12.mn.us



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