Welcome 3rd grade families!

Dear Third Grade Families,

Welcome back to school!  My name is Ms. Fuller and I will be your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year.  I am excited to meet all of you very soon.  This is my third year teaching at Sheridan.  I have been teaching for about 15 years, mostly as a 3rd grade teacher.  I have an Elementary and an English as a Second Language teaching license.  I am also bilingual in Spanish. 

I live with my husband Rodolfo and my 8 year-old daughter, Ikeasha.  Ikeasha is going into 4rd grade here at Sheridan.  We have two dogs named Daisy and Rose.  In my free time, which is not much, I love to Salsa dance.

We have a very exciting and busy year ahead of us.   In math, we will start with a mini review unit on addition & subtraction, then we will learn about analyzing graphs.  Some of the other topics include multiplication, division, fractions, place value up to the hundred thousands place, algebra, time to the minute, geometry with perimeter and of course lots about word problems.  In Language Arts we will learn about answering questions and finding evidence from the text to support our answers.  In our first science unit, Living Systems, we will be planting and having crayfish visit our class for a few weeks.  Other units will include Sound, Energy, and Sun, Moon & Stars.  In social studies we start off with a unit about maps and landforms.  Later we will learn about citizenship & democracy, ancient cultures, and economics.  Throughout the year, we will be doing a social skills curriculum called Second Step and use Responsive Classroom which include activities that promote taking responsibility for actions and developing a sense of belonging within the classroom and school.

Here are some ways to prepare for 3rd grade:

·       Math: review basic addition & subtraction facts

·       Social Studies: students need to learn their address with zip code

·       Reading: read 20 to 30 minutes at least 5 times a week

            I look forward to meeting your children on the first day of school Monday, August 24th.   Please feel free to email me at Karen.fuller-resendiz@mpls.k12.mn.us or call the school at 612-668-1130 with any questions or concerns. 



Ms. Fuller