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Sheridan Arts Spanish Dual Immersion Magnet School
1201 University Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

School Hours: 
7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Main Office                         612-668-1130  
Attendance Line                612-668-1138  
Transportation                   612-668-1135  
Health Office                      612-668-1138


We want to hear from you! Please contact your student's teacher with any important messages or questions. Teachers are with students from 7:05 to 2:05 every day and are not able to receive phone calls during that time. Please feel free to contact teachers after that time. If you need immediate assistance or want to leave a message right away please contact the main office. Email is the best way to communicate with teachers. Teachers read email daily and responses should take place within 24 hours. 

Teachers Name Room Number Grade Email Phone Extension
SCHORNSTEIN, MEGAN A 100 Kinder 33316
KUCZMARSKI, LINDA L 101 Kinder 33317
ROMAN MENDOZA, SARAI 115 Kinder B/B (Spanish)* 33321
TORRES, BEATRIZ 113 Kinder B/B (Spanish)* 33320
SAENZ, LUIS 211 1st grade B/B (Sp.)* 33346
TBD 205 1st grade B/B (Sp.)* TBD 33343
MARIANO, EMY 215 1st grade* 33348
MARTIN, RUTH 213 1st grade* 33347
RACHUY, APRIL 223 2nd grade* 33352
ABRAHAMSON, MICHELLE L 201 2nd grade* 33342
SAWICKI, TODDIE J 200 2nd grade* 33341
FULLER RESENDIZ, KAREN 312 3rd grade* 33362
JOHNSON, NICHOLE L 315 3rd grade* 33365
LAND, TRACY E 317 3rd grade* 33366
KAUTZ, LAUREN 314 3rd grade* 33364
WHITE, BRYAN A 305 4th grade* 33359
PARKER, ROBIN 301 4th grade* 33358
PEDERSON, PAIGE 300 4th grade* 33357
MELQUIST, AMY M 329 5th grade* 33370
JETT, PARRIS 326 5th grade* 33368
HENNINGS, NADINE 325 5th grade* 33369


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