Sunday, September 10, 2017 4:40 PM

2016-2017 2nd Graders Winning Bonsai

Mr. Mark Youngdale, ESL teacher for grade K-2, worked with the 2016-2017 2nd graders on the art of Bonsai.  They planted and carefully tended to their Bonsai plants.  The students learned about soil composition, tree physiology, and the needs of living things, and more. They also had to make decisions on how to make their presentation aesthetically pleasing.The students entered their Bonsai plants into the MN State Fair.  At the fair, their Bonsais were critiqued by Bonsai experts.  Not surprisingly, the 2nd graders Bonsai earned 2nd prize at the State Fair.  Congratulations Mr. Youngdale and 2nd grade students!