Ms. L
Ms. L stands in her "SuperBrain" costume while holding a "Peace Team" sign
Ms. L as SuperBrain!

The students call me Ms. L (or Super Brain on days we have our attendance awards ceremonies). I'm one of two Behavior Deans at Sheridan. My office is in the Peace Room (119) between the office and the gym, but your more likely to see me in the hallway or classrooms supporting students. I'm so excited to be at Sheridan because it's so close to Cityview, which is the school I started my teacher career at, and my family has a history at the school as my father used to be an AE here and two uncles and an aunt were students. 


I'm new to Sheridan this year, but I've been involved in education for more than 15 years. During this time I've taught every elementary grade except 2nd and have worked in several Special Education behavior classrooms. For the last several years, my focus has been in compiling resources like books, videos, calming movement and breathing activities, and calming tools to help teach students how to control their emotions, accept responsibility for their actions, and treat each other kindly. 


If you have a behavior concern or would like help setting up a calming area or calming routine in your home, please don't hesitate to contact me.