Why Uniforms?

There are many reasons behind our uniform policy:

  • Putting the focus on academics rather than fashion.
  • Lower the cost of school clothes.
  • Helping students differentiate between learning and play environments.
  • Instilling a sense of school pride and discipline.
  • Promoting equity amongst the student body.

What is the uniform policy?
At Sheridan we believe a school uniform policy puts the focus on acaemics rather than fashion, lowers the cost of school clothes, helps students differentiate between learning and play enviornments, instills a school pride and discipline, and promotes equite amongth the student body.

Students who come to school in non-uniform clothes should be sent to room 209 directly after breakfast - before checkig into their classroom.  This room will be staffed from 7:30-8:00 in the mornig.  Students will be sent to class with a pass.  At the end of the day students should be given a pass at 1:40 to return to the uiform room to change.  They will return to class with a pass.

Hoods and hats off upon entering the building.



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